What are the benefits of joining the BCCG network?

  • The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG) is the largest British-German business network organisation with around 900 members and 4,000 personal contacts.

  • The BCCG offers a network of British, German and inter-national contacts for the purpose of personal business exchange.

  • The BCCG offers a range of attractive business services for its members.

  • The BCCG and its regions hold around 100 business and networking events in Germany and the United Kingdom each year.

  • The BCCG is a neutral platform offering topics of interest to members, co-operating partners and guests.

  • The BCCG offers interesting marketing opportunities.

  • The BCCG offers direct contacts within all ten regions in Germany and the UK.

British-German Trade

  • The Bundesbank’s most recently published revised figures for 2014 again show bilateral British-German trade to be the third largest of all German bilateral trade relationships (after the US and the Netherlands), strongly up more than 7% from 2013.

  • Total bilateral trade including goods and services in 2014 was EUR 177 bn, up from EUR 165 bn in 2013. Thereof, total trade in goods alone was EUR 136 bn, up 8% from 2013, with UK exports to Germany at EUR 44.1 bn and German exports to the UK at EUR 91.9 bn. Total trade in services was EUR 40.9 bn, up 4% from 2013, with UK services exports to Germany at EUR 20.3 bn and those from Germany to the UK at EUR 20.6 bn.

  • British-German Firms

  • Nearly 2,400 German firms do business in the UK with around 334,000 employees.

  • More than 1,200 British firms operate in Germany with around 220,000 employees.

BCCG Organisation

BCCG is a privately-funded non-profit making membership network organisation, which was founded in Cologne in 1919 and in Hamburg in 1921. It had been closed down in the early 1930s and was re-established in Cologne/Bonn in 1960. HM Ambassador to Germany is honorary patron of the chamber.

Members of the chamber comprise 900 professionals and companies, of which approx. 10 % enjoy the special status Sustaining Membership (see next page for details). In addi-tion to that, a number of members (up to the age of 40) have joined our Young BCCG programme. The network consists of around 4,000 personal addressees and we also maintain con-tact with our members in all European British Chambers through our membership in the COBCOE, the Chamber’s umbrella organisation. The BCCG is the largest British Cham-ber in Europe.

Ten honorary regional committees support the BCCG and Young BCCG members in Germany and the UK:

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart)

  • Bavaria (Munich)

  • Berlin/Brandenburg (Berlin)

  • Bremen/Lower Saxony (Bremen)

  • Hamburg/Northern Germany (Hamburg)

  • North Rhine-Westphalia (Düsseldorf/Cologne)

  • Rhine-Main (Frankfurt)

  • Saxony (Dresden/Leipzig)

  • Saxony-Anhalt/Thuringia (Halle/Erfurt)

  • United Kingdom (London)

The BCCG management office is located in Berlin and is re-sponsible for membership and regional support as well as for the planning of large events.


BCCG Events

Around 80 to100 events are held annually in all regions with varying contents and scope in the interest of members and guests. The BCCG is a neutral platform at these events for speakers and topics.

These networking events are mainly focused on economic, financial, legal, tax or other themes to offer members and guests opportunities to discuss their own questions regarding current issues.


BCCG Services and its Network


  • offers the largest British-German business and institu-tional network, thus facilitating contacts to important business partners is the first port of call for many people interested in British-German business and trade

  • is present throughout Germany and the UK with ten regional committees offering direct contacts and sup-port

  • offers an abundance of networking opportunities in all regions each year and organises over 100 annual events with the co-operation of partners and guests

  • issues publications such as the BCCG Yearbook and the BCCG News. In addition, it offers the BCCG e-News Update reaching around 4,000 addressees. The BCCG thus also benefits the PR and marketing goals of its members

  • supports the marketing interests of members by offer-ing special advertising opportunities in its publications, on its website and through its mail services

  • supports companies and professionals seeking to es-tablish business or exporting to the other country through its First Call Programme in cooperation with UKTI and COBCOE

  • offers special membership websites with exclusive address services and search functions for members

  • offers special address services to its members and others interested in British-German business

  • supports the BCCG Foundation in furthering student exchanges between Germany and the UK.


BCCG Membership

BCCG membership network has more than doubled its membership since early 2000s.

Membership fees are low and company membership fees are based on the number of employees: The annual fee for firms und professionals with up to 19 employees will be € 400 and for companies with 20 employees or more it will be €950 .

Rebates apply to newly-established companies, to mem-bers of Young BCCG and to students and senior citizens. For details, please refer to our website or feel free to con-tact us.

We also recommend taking the special VIP-Status of a 'Sustaining Member', which is available from € 1,400 (with up to 19 employees) or € 1,950 minimum (from 20 employees).

By acquiring Sustaining Membership you will also reap the benefits of:

  • a higher visibility on the BCCG website with direct Links

  • the list of Sustaining Members appears in BCCG Publications

  • first option for co-operation at events

  • invitation to the annual Sustaining Members Dinner in Berlin by HM Ambassador to Germany

  • special invitations to VIP events where ticket numbers are restricted

  • priority placements of advertisements and PR articles in BCCG publications

  • re-registration of subsidiaries, branches and affiliated companies

BCCG Membership Application:
If you are interested in joining the BCCG Network, please refer to the BCCG website for de-tails and online registration.

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