No one knows Germany like Deutsche Post:

Your Insider’s Guide to winning in Germany

You’re already well known in the UK, but how many customers do you have in Europe’s largest market?

Germany is Europe’s consumer powerhouse, its biggest market and a principal driving force behind the European economy. Deutsche Post can be your guide as you explore the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in Germany, giving you insider access to a profitable market of discerning customers. Diving into a thriving market in a cost-effective and efficient way and ensuring you gain a safe and secure introduction to an active new consumer base.


Already Established in Germany?

If you are already part of the huge online German marketplace, Deutsche Post can still provide market leading products to help you make the most of every opportunity.

  • Enrichment and clean-up of your database

  • Identification of look-a-like customers that match your existing audience

  • Delivery of your mail campaigns quickly and reliably


Yet to Set Foot on the Continent?

Even if this is something you’ve never done, or even just reactively to the occasional international order, exporting is the easiest way to grow your business and with e-commerce market growing bigger by the day, there has never been a better time.

Deutsche Post can provide everything you need.

  • Access to our German database, 40 million households

Continued investment into your customer database is a proven tool in increasing order value with relevant and personalised contact with your customers. As well as building your brand in a foreign land, it is important not to forget inactive and “gone quiet” customers.


Choose a tailored service package to suit your needs

Deutsche Post is one of the most recognisable, trusted and valued brands within Germany. Combined with our partner network, DHL, our Global reach is almost beyond compare. This means we can offer additional services to help you.

Dive into Germany with Deutsche Post today.


We help UK businesses capitalise on their mail, marketing and merchandise opportunities within Germany and internationally

Our unique services add value to every campaign, these include:

  • Mail campaign creation and optimisation

  • Cross media campaign management

  • Response management

  • Production and print services

  • International business mail fulfilment

  • Cost-effective Deutsche Post Packet product, light-weight shipment service

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