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Dear Readers,

In this publication, you will be looking for details about working with Germany. You may wish to export or set up your business in co-operation with the largest European economy. Maybe you know that Britain, being the 3rd largest European economy, represents Germany´s most important trading and business partner after the US and the Netherlands.

British-German Trade

  • The Bundesbank’s most recently published (in 2015) balance of payment figures for 2014 again show bilateral British-German trade to be the third largest of all German bilateral trade relationships (after the US and the Netherlands), strongly up more than 7% from 2013. The figures are estimated to be higher for 2015 and will be published in April 2016. 

  • Total bilateral trade including goods and services in 2014 was EUR 177 billion, up from EUR 165 billion in 2013. Thereof, total trade in goods alone was EUR 136 billion, up 8% from 2013, with UK exports to Germany at EUR 44.1 billion and German exports to the UK at EUR 91.9 billion. Total trade in services was EUR 40.9 billion, up 4% from 2013, with UK services exports to Germany at EUR 20.3 billion and those from Germany to the UK at EUR 20.6 billion.

  • British-German Firms

  • Nearly 2,400 German firms do business in the UK with around 334,000 employees.

  • More than 1,200 British firms operate in Germany with around 220,000 employees.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG) supports and encourages businesses from the UK to do business with and export to Germany. In this regard, we closely co-operate with UKTI, and with other British Chambers in the UK (members of BCC) and in Europe (members of COBCOE). 

Germany with over 80 million inhabitants is a very large market for both consumer as well as business products and services. It has many centres where different industries and service providers are located. The BCCG is represented in all German states and in the UK to support you wherever you may wish to establish contacts. 

BCCG is a privately-funded non-profit-making membership network organisation, which was founded in Cologne in 1919 and in Hamburg in 1921. It had been closed down in the early 1930’s and was re-established in Cologne/Bonn in 1960. HM Ambassador to Germany is an honorary patron of the chamber. Members of the chamber comprise 900 professionals and companies, of which approximately 10% enjoy the special status: Sustaining Membership. The network consists of around 4,000 personal addressees.

Ten honorary regional committees serve as direct contacts in Germany and the UK. With them, many BCCG events are held annually in all regions with varying contents in the interest of members and guests. The BCCG is a neutral platform at these events for speakers and topics.

You are welcome to join us at our events and on our website.


Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath
Director and Member of the Board

British Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V. 
Friedrichstr. 140, 10117 Berlin
T. +49 (0)30 206 70 8-0, F. -29 

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