Foreword from Tony Sims, Counsellor and Director of UK Trade & Investment Germany

IMG_5738_pp TonyI am pleased to welcome you to this guide to doing business in Germany – a country that hosts 65% of the world’s international trade fairs and whose consistently strong economic performance offers long-term growth potential for UK businesses.

With a Gross Domestic Product of more than EUR €3 trillion, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth strongest economy in the world. Germany is the UK’s largest export market in Europe and second largest globally after the US. Its strong domestic consumer market and resilient economy are especially beneficial for UK businesses exporting to Germany. The German market has a strong industrial base and offers easy access to Eastern Europe.

Many UK companies are already successfully doing business in Germany, either as investors or as exporters. There are over 1,300 British companies in Germany, employing over 220,000 people. Almost every 10th foreign company in Germany is British and total British Foreign Direct Investment in Germany currently amounts to £23.8 billion.

Since 2009, UK exports to Germany have increased by 23% to £43.3 billion in 2014. The main UK exports to Germany are in mineral fuels and gas, machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles and automotive components, aircraft, electrical machinery and equipment and pharmaceutical products. These sectors represent some of the best opportunities for UK companies, but opportunities also exist in other sectors. UK Trade & Investment are here to help UK exporters identify those opportunities and help them develop new business through our extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British Embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. We provide companies with the tools they require to be competitive on the world stage.

I hope this guide provides you with useful insights into the opportunities and advantages of Germany as a potential market for your business. We would be delighted to support you in doing business in Germany.

Tony Sims
Counsellor and Director
UK Trade & Investment Germany


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